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The ArrowCat 42 Express / Flybridge

Arrowcat42It's about time...

The time has come for a well behaved, good looking power catamaran to be enjoyed by discerning boat owners. The ArrowCat 42 is perfectly suited for cruising the pristine yet unforgiving waters of the Pacific Northwest. The proven Roger Hill design originated in the rugged cruising grounds of New Zealand, where there is little protection and most boating is done offshore.


Can a catamaran be beautiful and seaworthy at the same time?

Yes, discover "the Power of AND" !

Often catamarans can be spotted from a mile away looking clumsy or boxy, but the people inside feel great knowing they are in a very stable seaworthy boat. Traditional boats often look nice at the dock but get them into real seas and the appreciation doesn't extend past the marina. ArrowCats are built with the power of "and." Great Looks and Great Performance. You will safely and comfortably navigate big water with a yacht that turns heads where ever she goes.

What's stability got to do with it?

Introducing the two factors that produce the incredible stability of the ArrowCat, Mr. Buoyancy and Mr. Lift. At rest (in the water or on dry land), the natural position of an ArrowCat is level. (not so with a monohull) Confused, beam and following seas work to move an ArrowCat from this level or stable position, these two gentlemen actively and successfully counter these conditions to keep and return the boat to its natural level position. The easier is to move a boat from its level position, the less stable the vessel.

Mr. Buoyancy uses the flotation that is built into the hull. The flotation increase as the volume of the hull increases. Just above the water line the hull comes out wider just a bit to give Mr. Buoyancy more power. Having to hulls set apart is the real magic sauce that let's him to his work. Just like lifting a rock with a large lever, the wide stance makes for true stability in all sea conditions.

Mr. Lift gets his power from the water moving past the hull. The pressure created creates a dynamic stability. Meaning the stability come from the movement. The same principles are found in air planes and motor cycles. Mr. Lift really shines in big beam seas. In situations where most boats will be rolling to the gunnels, the ArrowCat will be supported by Mr. Lift.

Arrowcat42Mr. Lift and Mr. Buoyancy will never be known by your friends on board. They will just tirelessly do their work. Your friends will just simply love your stable boat.

Who says efficiency has to live at 8 knots?

Most boater assume that to cruise at 25 knots and top out at over 30 you are kissing efficiency good by. Not true!!!!

An ArrowCat 42 will cover 1.5 miles at 25 mph with one gallon of diesel. Let that sink in. The only way to beat that is go 7 knots with one tiny little engine, giving up speed and safety.With the efficiency and economy of the 42, the places you can see and experience in a weekend, week or a month triples that of a similarly sized trawler.